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 We have been breeding and raising happy healthy puppies for over 25 years. We started with Miniature Longhair Dachshunds and Great Danes and started our French Bulldog program in 2016.  We believe the Quality always should supersede Quantity. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


Prime Frenchies french bulldog puppies come from quality well bred bloodlines. We breed both standard as well as off standard color bloodlines with some being direct imports and others having imported bloodlines. We specifically research health of the lines and longevity of them. We also health test all of our adults before we breed them. We may not have official OFA or CERF certs on them all but at the very least have vertebrae x-rays as well as have heart, thyroid & eye exams done beforehand. All of our fur babies live within the home, are well trained, and temperamentally sound. They get only the best of care and treatment and are completely spoiled.  Our pregnant females are started on a premium puppy food as well as given prenatals from the moment that they are bred. Pups are all whelped and raised inside the home, usually born at my bedside. Pups are handled daily from birth up until the time they leave, at no time are our puppies placed and left outside. We start crate training our pups around 5 to 6 weeks of age and if still here after 8 weeks of age will begin basic obedience training. They are well socialized with other dogs (small & large), children and sometimes cats. Pups are given a parvo booster shot at 4 weeks, a 6 way booster at 6 weeks and every 3 weeks after that until they leave. They are also wormed every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks of age. Pups come with a puppy starter kit that includes collar/harness, leash, sample of puppy food, chew toy, treats and health record, they also come with a 2 year health guarantee as well as Lifetime breeder support. All pups are also micro chipped prior to leaving.   

A Furever Friend


 Things You Should Know 

French Bulldogs are pleasant and sociable companions with few faults. The worst you could say about them is that they snore—and you can quickly get used to that. But, as adaptable and low-maintenance as they are, keep in mind that French Bulldogs should not be left alone in the house for too long. They are people-oriented dogs that crave attention and interaction.

A healthy French Bulldog can live as long as 12 years. Common health issues include eye problems and breathing problems that result from overeating. Feeding them smaller meals is a good practice. Also bear in mind that Frenchies are sensitive to extreme temperatures, preferring cooler climates to hot ones. If they spend too much time playing in the sun, they can suffer from heatstroke.

 French Bulldog History

 Though the French Bulldog’s ancestry is still hotly debated, most dog experts agree that a throng of toy-sized English bulldogs were sent to France during the 19th century to mix with various French breeds and create the Boule-Dog Francais. Even back then, opinions differed on which features resulted in a true French Bulldog. The Americans stepped in, forming the first French Bulldog club, and a 1898 show in New York City catapulted these dogs to stardom. 

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so please contact us to start the process to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions or concerns. 

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